Surreal Gets Real for a Good Cause.

Benjamin Von Wong uses fantasy to explore some of our world’s greatest joys and harshest realities. From mermaids swimming in an ocean of plastic bottles to a wheelchair-bound mom rock climbing with her son, his photographs are cinematic, fantastical and—unbelievably—not built in Photoshop.

As a child, Benjamin immersed himself in comic books, science fiction and fantasy novels. In adulthood, he incorporates these influences into his photography, creating other-worldly images.

He wanted to use photography for good, but didn’t know how to do it until his girlfriend suggested they go storm chasing to raise awareness about climate change.

“Prior to that, I hadn't really paid much attention to environmental issues, but during the process of designing the project I learned so much more about the world we live in and that's where it all began,” he said. “If my art and knowledge can make a difference, I'm interested in exploring it.”

Not only does Benjamin design photographs that make people think about their impact on the Earth, he also donates profits from some of his photo series to victims of climate change.

Benjamin joined the .eco community with so he could connect with a network of like-minded individuals who are actively doing good for the earth.

“Having a .eco domain name is a badge of honour, as well as a responsibility,” he said. “I firmly believe in not preaching to the choir, but rather opening up hearts and minds to caring more about the world.”

The .eco domain is only available to organizations and people who have a strong commitment to positive change for the planet. It’s a symbol for those working toward a sustainable future and an opportunity to be a part of a network of organizations who exist for good.

“I am committed to using my art to make the world a better place and want to network and connect with others who are doing the same,” said Benjamin.

Check out Benjamin’s YouTube channel to learn more about his artwork and his commitment to raising awareness about environmental issues.