Tracking our first 100 days in the wild

On Thursday, August 3, 2017, .eco – the new domain ending for those committed to positive change for the planet – passed 100 days of being in the wild. Getting through the first three months of running a new organization, launching a new product, or being a newly elected political official is a milestone. To mark this achievement, we created a sweet infographic for your viewing pleasure. We’re proud of what the .eco community has achieved in our first 100 days and are delighted to tell you what we’ve been up to.

First 100 days of .eco infographic

A closer look at the data

Registering a .eco domain is about more than just getting a great new domain name. It is also about showing mission alignment through a domain ending, and creating trust and transparency online.

Ready, set, go!

Each .eco registration comes with a .eco profile that showcases a .eco user's environmental actions. Creating a .eco profile is easy and quick to do – the fastest .eco profile took only 56 seconds to create!

People .eco

Every .eco profile is viewable at Visitors to a .eco profile are able to 'like' it similar to liking on other social networks. For example, is getting a lot of love from the .eco community.

Business as a force for good

Businesses are embracing .eco, representing over 50% of all .eco profiles to date. As concern and awareness for the planet continues to increase, we expect even more businesses will align themselves with .eco.

16 goals, one planet

The United Nations has identified 16 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform our world. During the .eco profile creation process, .eco users are asked about their goals and how they align with the SDGs. Responsible consumption and production takes the top spot with the .eco community so far but there are .eco community members contributing to all 16 SDGs. You can see the whole list and who’s contributing at

Where in the world is .eco

In terms of geography, the United States leads with the number of .eco profiles created. Europe represents eight of the top 10 spots with Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Austria, and The Netherlands, indicating that .eco is top of mind for the European continent.

100 days and counting

It's been an awesome experience getting through the first three months of our .eco launch. We look forward to building and growing the .eco community and to showcasing great uses of .eco. For more information and to register your next .eco domain, visit Be sure to follow us on twitter @doteco for the latest updates and #newdoteco to learn about new .eco users joining the community.

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